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On September 29, after weeks of stonewalling desperate, flood-impacted districts, the Ed Secretary finally backed down and granted a one year reprieve. CNN Story.

While the Secretary of Ed generates self-laudatory press releases each time she throws a bone to a school district or state waiving a minor regulation, these are token gestures that do little to reduce the harm created by NCLB. Her insensitivity to schools welcoming flood victims is right in line with the Administration's failure to understand the plight of the poor or to show any true compassion.

The sudden arrival of thousands of homeless children in cities

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No excuses!

Seemingly unswayed by the tragic events of this month's hurricane and the damage done to families and children left homeless by her team's incompetence, the Secretary of Education held firm to her rigid course, insisting that all schools meet AYP no matter how many refugees they allow to enter their doors.

Consistent with NCLB's stress upon inflexible standards that weigh especially heavily upon the poor and the disadvantaged, the Education Empress was quoted on NPR as saying, "I don't want to write off the academic year for these children." Click here for the NPR interview.

"Race On to Get Young Storm Victims into School"

by Claudio Sanchez 

Weekend Edition - Sunday, September 4, 2005