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Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Excuses, excuses, excuses. The failure of NCLB is quite evident. The damage being done is still concealed beneath the veneer of government propaganda, grandiose claims and bold talk. This top down federal intrusion into local decision-making is reminiscent of soviet style planning at its worst.

NCLB relies on an absurd and untested route to school improvement - the reliance on frequent testing and punishment as a change strategy.

One could hardly improve one's blood pressure by testing it more frequently.

The nation needs to move away from an obsession with testing to the real challenge before schools - capacoty building.

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Failing AYP

Despite the tough talk about consequences and accountability, the Bush Adminstration is unwilling to accept its own failures in leading the nation down the dangerous and ill considered pathways of NCLB/Helter-Skelter.

After three years of turbulence and big talk, the 2005 NAEP test results put the lie to the claims that NCLB will improve education.