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"You can trust me!"

The New York Times put the lie to the Administration's claims of carefully aiming the wiretapping at terrorists:

"Panning for Terrorists" - New York Times February 12, 2006
"Domestic Surveillance: The Program; Spy Agency Data After September 11 Led F.B.I. To Dead Ends" - New York Times January 17, 2006

According to these reports, thousands of innocents have fallen victim to the Administration's scattershot. It turns out their aim was no better than the Vice President's.

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Careful Aim?

The Administration has tried to justify its broad-based and illegal warrantless wiretapping by claiming to aim only at terrorists, but the truth is quite different.

Vice President Cheney's tragic hunting accident calls into question his aim and his judgment.

The long delay in reporting the incident is just part of a long pattern of concealment.

When it comes to education, the same level of skill and judgment has been applied with NCLB/Helter-Skelter.

As is too often the case with this administration, we have a program that does the opposite of what it is claimed to do.

Whether it be disaster relief, mine safety, meat safety, reconstruction of Iraq or reconstruction of New Orleans, this administration has shown little capacity to plan or deliver the goods.