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Pure as Snow?

Whitewash and Soap Box Combined!

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According to the AP, ED Secretary Margaret Spellings said August 30 that the No Child Left Behind Act is close to perfect and needs little change as its first major update draws nears.

"I talk about No Child Left Behind like Ivory soap: It's 99.9 percent pure or something," Spellings told reporters. "There's not much needed in the way of change."

Considering recent reports that her department allowed states to ignore some two million minority students, her comments are not only wrong but remarkably insentive.

For one who is fond (like the President) of accusing others of the "soft bigotry of low expectations," her choice of a pure WHITE soap for NCLB speaks loudly at a time when
studies (below) are showing minority children are badly treated by NCLB.

----- The Harsh Bigotry of Flawed Strategies -----

The seriously flawed NCLB change strategies are hurting minority children the most according to recently released reports from the Project for Civil Rights at Harvard:

The reports demonstrate that federal accountability rules have derailed state reforms and assessment strategies, that the requirements have no common meaning across state lines, and that the sanctions fall especially hard on minority and integrated schools, asking for much less progress from affluent suburban schools.


Inspiring Vision, Disappointing Results:
Four Studies on Implementing the No Child
Left Behind Act

Authors: Gail L. Sunderman, Jimmy Kim and Gary Orfield